Tax Planning

There may be occasion, every now and again, to think about putting something away for that "rainy day" and, rather than hide some spare cash under the mattress, some careful investing will not only ensure that your cash is safe, but should secure you a better return.

Whether you are looking to invest a more modest sum, or something more substantial, we can advise you on everything from savings (ISA's etc) through to building a portfolio of investments, asset class diversification, on-going reviews and reviewing existing investments as well as maximizing your tax allowances.

Indeed, it is important that the tax implications of your investments are considered at the outset - particularly for those nearing retirement and those already retired, who should review their finances to ensure that they are making use of capital protected plans.

It may also be a good time to look at Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) issues and our team of experts can assist in a number of ways; establishing any liability, considering the use of Trusts and/or IHT Mitigation plans, your options on sheltering existing investments/assets and arranging lifetime gifting.

When planning your finances for old age, many of the issues involved may require that you also review your legal affairs. Our team of independent financial advisers are happy to work with your lawyer, and understand the importance of ensuring that your financial and legal affairs are working in harmony.



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Disclaimer - No investment decision

No investment decision should be taken based on the content of this site.  Always take full individual advice first.  The regulations governing tax rates and investments may change in the future.

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