Self Certification


Our lenders base their lending decisions on you being able to afford the repayments , rather than provide an income history by supplying payslips or audited accounts . This flexibility means they can offer you bigger loans and require less formal proof. It only takes a few minutes for a decision in principle and there is no obligation of any kind when you enquire.

If one of these applies to you then a specialist self certification mortgage could be your best option:

  • Employee that has started recently or have short-term or part time contracts (especially in technology-based industries).
  • Employee who depend upon bonuses or commission for a significant proportion of their income.
  • Low wage earner with other incomes or get paid in cash.
  • Self employed, contractors and freelance workers.
  • Seasonal earnings.


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Disclaimer - Your Home May Be At Risk

Your home may be at risk if you do not maintain payments on a mortgage or other secured loan on it.

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