Long Term Nursing Care



It's not a pleasant thought to consider the contents of this article, but having spoken to many families that haven't taken appropriate action to protect their families financial interests, or have taken it too late, we cannot apologize for highlighting some sobering possibilities.

It is thought that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will go into care at some time. If this happens the Local Authority have a duty to provide the care but they will recover the costs and can take all of the assets including the house. Only the last 12,500 is protected.

So what options do you have?

Firstly you could do nothing, and hope for the best. (This is not recommended.)

Secondly you could transfer assets to your family but you lose the Capital Gains Tax exemption.

Thirdly you could use a Life Interest Trust (LIT) which provides that when the first one dies his half goes into a Trust with the survivor having occupancy rights.

The fourth option is an Asset Protection Trust which is a much more effective solution. The client transfers both the house and most of their capital into an APT.

Sounds complicated? It can be, but that is why we are offering a free no obligation initial interview (in the comfort and convenience of your own home) to explain how each option can impact on you and your family.

Contact us now to take advantage of this 'no strings' offer and to find out how potential executry/probate costs can be successfully avoided too.

In addition to Care Cost Planning, we also specialise in Wills, Power of Attorney's and Inheritance Tax Planning, and our no obligation, free first appointment is extended to include these important aspects of sensible financial planning so call us now! (The biggest financial dangers to a family are often inaction and delay Please don't let it happen to you.)


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