Long Term Care Planning




What is an Asset Protection Trust?

  • Think of it as a big metal strongbox you put your valuable assets into. (And only YOU have they key!)
  • You can take assets out at any time.
  • You can move house at any time.
  • You can even change your mind.
  • But it should avoid all 6 potential problems.
  • For a relatively small cost you can protect the bulk of your estate for the benefit of your family.
  • Think how much you've got to lose.
  • Like all good ideas the sooner you start the better it will work.


With a Family Protection Trust

  • Executry costs?
  • Sideways Disinheritance?
  • Unreliable children?
  • Children's legal rights?
  • Incapacity?
  • Care costs?


  1. Executry costs
    Winding up your estate will cost thousands of pounds and it can take a very long time.
  2. Sideways Disinheritance
    Thousands of families are disinherited each year. If the surviving spouse remarries your estate could easily be inherited by someone else's family.
  3. Unreliable Children
    It is not clever to have part of your estate pass to children if they have problems or 'shaky' marriages (now or in the future), debt or business problems, or who might be on State benefits.
  4. Legal Rights
    By law children can claim a share of your estate both on the death of the first parent and on the death of the second parent. This is often bad for both the parents and the children.
  5. Incapacity
    There can be real problems if you are ever unable to deal with your affairs.
  6. Care costs
    1 in 3 woman and 1 in 4 men go into care. Half of people between 45 and 65 will go into care. The Council can take everything - even your house. Only the last 12,500 is protected!



  • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgDo nothing and hope for the best
  • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgTransfer everything to your family
  1. Executry costs
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgPay the bill
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse an Asset Protection Trust (APT)
  2. Sideways Disinheritance
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgDo nothing and let your assets leave the family
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse an APT
  3. Unreliable Children
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgLeave your assets exposed to the actions of others
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse an APT
  4. Legal rights
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse an APT
  5. Incapacity
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgPay around 4,500 for a Guardianship Order
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse a Power of Attorney and/or an APT
  6. Care Costs
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgPurchase an Annuity
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/cross.jpgPurchase an Immediate Care Cost Plan
    • http://www.crieffmortgagesperthshire.co.uk/art/tick.jpgUse an APT


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